XmlJGraph - Graph for the Internet

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XML metadata graph

100% Java graphic API for rich presentation of simple to complex hierarchical and non-hierarchical objects.
  • No code to write (optionally you write your custom program)
  • Generate images on fly in server and display in browser
  • Supported image formats: PNG, GIF, JPG/JPEG, BMP
  • Display as applets
  • Create XML metadata files (local or a web location or byte[])
  • Automatic layout
  • Hierarchical (expand and collapse)
  • Dynamic view creation based on metadata feed (try demo)
  • Changes in metadata results view changes automatically (try demo)
  • Rich viewing features
  • Thin clien viewer requires almost no download time for web based solution
  • Downloads

    NOTE: An email will be sent to you for each download with an instruction about how to use the downloaded software.

    Standalone archive (ZIP file)
    Download, unzip in a folder, go to "bin" directory. Run the script files (.BAT or .SH) files from a command prompt. They will require you to pass an XML metadata file as argument. Use the ".xml" metadata files located under the "bin/data/" directory or you can create your own and type that as a file URL.

    Web application sample (WAR file)
    Deploy the web application archive (WAR archive) in a J2EE enabled container. Call xml_jgraph_viewer.jsp?DOCUMENT="xml_metadata_file_url" by typing it to browser URL location field. DOCUMENT value "xml_metadata_file_url" is the XML metadata URL. Viewer script will load the XML metadata and display the XML jGraph view.

    Short tutorial (HTML)  |   Developers Guide (PDF)  |   download Xml jGraph browser archive (WAR)   |   download Xml jGraph server archive