Annual Maintenance Support (AMS) License

Annual support license means eligibility of receiving software upgrade, bug fixes if any and technical support by the licensee for the period of one year from the date AMS is licensed. Purchasing an Annual Maintenance Support (AMS) is optional and will be based on the following terms and conditions.

As part of agreement licensor will provide support for the software before the annual support license expires.

Support terms and conditions

Licensor will provide support for the software(s) with the following terms and conditions:
  • Only email support will be provided.
  • Response is usually instant (guaranteed reply within 24 hours).
  • Time for fixing of the bug is usually prompt if the problem is well known. However, fixing and patching of software for some bugs might take longer than normal time.
  • Licensor generally agrees to fix the bugs in the software within a reasonable time frame depending on complexity of the bug. However, there is no guarantee that even after purchasing the support license Licensor will be able to fix all software bugs and depends on Java runtime and other dependencies. Licensor promising to try hard for fixing any software bug and make the customer happy by providing patched software.
  • Patched software is provided as upgrades with no further fees for the entire support year and if annual support license is subscribed.
  • Newer version – customer may choose to seek a newer version of the software. However, it is not guaranteed that the API be compatible to the older version. When accepting newer version, customer must be willing to change their custom code accordingly to get the full benefit of newer features and enhancements.