SmartJSwing - Java custom Swing Component

Custom Swing Components

  • Date Picker (Calendar Component) (Run as an Applet) - Java date selection component
  • Time (Run as an Applet) - time entry component; hour, minute, second, AM/PM
  • IP Address (Run as an Applet) - entry component
  • Print dialog (Run as an Applet) - Print dialog for user to select printer, paper and many
  • Paper selection dialog (Run as an Applet) - Paper selection dialog for user to select Java PageFormat as the paper.
  • Details - Custom Swing components

  • Calendar - it has both date and time editing controls. User can select a date as well as a time of a day using its easy to use UI controls. You can dynamically change the controls current value by using its setters at run time. Allows you to query the date and time in milliseconds as well as you can pick the parts of the milliseconds, e.g. getDay(), getYear(), getHour() etc.
  • Time - an independent time entry control (also used as part of the Calendar control discussed above) that allows user to edit time from its hour, minute, second, and AM/PM fields. A single spin control allows you to change the fields values. You can eiter use the spin control to change the values or directly edit the value in each field. All fields are validated so that no invalid values can be entered. You can programatically change the controls value like you do for the above mentioned calendar component.
  • IP Address - allows you to edit IP address using this control. It shows a control similar to the IP address editing control used in Microsoft Windows platform. The IP address control has its won model that allows you to dynamically update the controls value and to query the segment values.
  • Print Dialog - A custom print dialog serves as typical printing input dialog. Once user clicked OK you may query the dialog for user input. You can enable/disable one or more fields in the dialog or make them invisible before showing the dialog.
  • Page Dialog - A custom page dialog to le use select a p Java page format. This is used for showing a paper selection for users without the printer options. A lot of time paper selection is only required. Once the user clicked on Ok button you can query the dialog for user input.
  • Downloads

    NOTE: An email will be sent to you for each download with an instruction about how to use the downloaded software.

    All SmartJSwing components are under single archive.

    Learn more about the SmartJCommon API used in this product.

    Unzip the downloaded archive in a local folder. Archive contains few windows batch (.bat) files one for each widget. Run each and see how they look like. Copy the existing Java source demo code in the "src" directory of the downloaded archive.