SmartJReport - Automatic Report Generation from Java/J2EE

100% Java report generation tool for automatic report generation from Java, J2EE and Swing applications.

  • Automatic - formatting of report elements; text, styled text, icons, images, into multiple pages
  • Database Tables - Report and PDF directly from Database tables
  • Dynamic - feed report data from XML files and from other data source
  • Template - choose a simple to write XML template as layout and specify data source for each layout cell location
  • Charts - add charts using simple to write XML metadata
  • Graphs - add graphs such as flow control, topology, architecture diagrams, and more as XML metadata
  • Server - based report from any programs; e.g. JSP, Servlet, EJB, and others POJOs
  • Client - can generate and preview report pages, print, convert, and save as supported types
  • Swing - automatically generates report from Swing JTable, JTextArea, JTree, TreeTable, Combo, List and more
  • Image - convert pages to images such as PNG, JPEG/JPG, BMP and GIF
  • PDF - convert the report pages as a PDF document
  • PostScript - convert to post script file (for printing and other purpose)
  • TIFF - convert generated reports to compressed (PACKBITS|GROUP4|JPEG_TTN2|DEFLATE) TIFF document
  • Print - directly to a printer from a web browser as a web application or from a standalone application
  • SmartJReport - Demo programs generate report, convert to PDF in server anbd sent to browser

    Table data (JTable) reports - coloring  |  formatting styles  |  page and line breaking  |  styled text  |  images in cells

    Reports from text - paragraphs and tables  |  tables, styled texts and images  |  formatting texts and paragraphs

    Other kind of report from - text files (or JTextArea)  |  styled text (or JTextPane)  |  tree data (JTree)  |  tree table data (JTreeTable)

    SmartJReport - Automatic Report Generation from Database Tables, Tree, and Swing Components

  • JTable
  • JTreeTable
  • JTree
  • JTextPane
  • JTextArea, JTextComponent
  • JList, JComboBox and ListModel
  • SmartJReport - Downloads, Tutorials and Documents

    NOTE: An email will be sent to you for each download with an instruction about how to use the downloaded software.

  • Standalone - archive for standalone Java Applications (download)
  • Browser (WAR archive)- web application sample to generate report from server and display in browser (download)
  • Tutorials and Documents - (short tutorial) (tutorial in details) (javadoc)
  • Learn more about the SmartJCommon API used in this product.