SmartJReport - (JTextPane - Print, PDF, TIFF, PostScript, PNG, BMP, GIF, JPG, JPEG and more)

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JTextPane - The Demo

This demo sample shows how to Print, PDF or simply preview an existing JTextPane . You can "silent print your JTextPane " using the JavaDocumentPrinter methods which you can learn looking the at the sample programs in the examples directory.

In the downloaded archive you will see some sample batch programs (e.g. .bat, .sh and more). For each batch file there is a corresponding JAVA sample program made available as part of the downloaded archive. Run the .bat (Windows) or .sh (Unix/Linux) for example to see the following window with a JTextPane and few buttons to "Print", "PDF" and "Preview" the JTextPane.

JTextPane - The Demo

Print JTextPane

You can either "Silent print your JTextPane" or provide UI controls such as menus and buttons as demonstrated in this sample program and print, PDF, preview and more. When printing or previewing optionally you can choose to show a print dialog or a page dialog depending on the parameters values in the JavaDocumentPrinter.print() method. In this sample we show a "print dialog" to let user select a printer, paper, orientation, copies and others as seen in the print dialog next.

This is how typical print dialog look like with various printing parameters.

Here is how the print preview window looks like when previewed instead of printing it to a printer directly.

PDF JTextPane

The report engine can let you convert the JTextPane report pages to a PDF document. You can convert JTextPane to PDF completely silently by getting a Pageable from calling JavaDocumentPrinter.Pageable() and then passing the Pageable to the ConversionFactory.saveAsPdf(Pageable) method. Following are some PDFs created out of sample Swing JTextPane component.

  • JTextPane to PDF
  • Preview JTextPane

    Report lets you preview JTextPane report pages in a preview window before printing or conversion to other data formats. JavaDocumentPrinter class has few preview() methods to call for showing the preview window. This demo chooses to show a paper selection dialog before showing the preview window. It is also important to remember that the preview window has options for the end user to Print, PDF and conversion to images. Preview window also lets you zoom in and out in order to control number of pages to output.

    Select paper size and orientation from this "Paper Selection" window.

    JTreeTable to PNG, BMP, GIF and JPEG/JPG

    Look at the resized image creation samples such as,,, and other conversion samples in the downloaded archive.

    There are ways to convert JTextPane report pages to many different image formats such as PNG, BMP, GIF and JPEG/JPG. If you want to convert JTextPane to images silently we suggest you to get a Pageable (each page of which is an AbstractPage) form the JavaDocumentPrinter class and then pass the Pageable to the ConversionFactory.saveAsBMP(AbstractPage) (BMP), ConversionFactory.saveAsPNG(AbstractPage) (PNG), ConversionFactory.saveAsGIF(AbstractPage) (GIF), ConversionFactory.saveAsJPEG(AbstractPage) (JPEG), ConversionFactory.saveAsJPG(AbstractPage) (JPG) to convert to images. Conversion APIs provide the option to pass a resize factor so the output images size can be enlarged or shrinked.

    This demo sample lets you preview the JTextPane report pages. From the preview window you can convert one or more of the JTextPane report pages to images.

    JTreeTable to TIFF

    This is similar to the above. Get the Pageable (convert to AbstractPage[] array) and call ConversionFactory.saveAsTIFF(AbstractPage[]) to produce the TIFF report.

    Also look at demo sample in the downloaded archive.

    JTreeTable to Post Script

    Get the Pageable and create an array of AbstractPage[] then call ConversionFactory.saveAsPostScript(AbstractPage[]) to produce the Post Script output of your JTextPane report.

    Also look at demo sample in the downloaded archive.