Secure Printing of your TIFF!

Silent print and view existing TIFF documents from web browser, standalone and Java/J2EE applications with complete security.

  • Secure silent print your TIFF documents.
  • While printing and viewing from a browser page it is normal practice to have a visible URL pointing to a TIFF or an URL that dynamically generates it.
  • If you have to silent print your TIFF you can avoid provide the actual document URL and instead can type a secret document ID.
  • You may not provide the document password as part of the URL. If your document URL requires user authentication you may not provide the auth ID and password as part of the URL.
  • In addition, what if you want to control the documents your user is printing, such as number of copies, number of times, date and time when printed, printer printed, and more.
  • Do you want to track the users usage of the documents?
  • It can not only secure your document's actual identity and security information in advance, you can completely control the document printing and viewing. Your controlling program in a server location will be called with all information about the document user is attempting to print or view. If may decide at run time whether or not you will allow such access based on the history of users usage of such documents. If you do allow more access then provide all the document access security information e.g. password, url auth id/password enabling further access or simply deny it by setting status to cancel. This example is using a sample JSP server program called server.jsp as part of this archive. Your server be of any program such as a C/C++, PHP, JSP/Servlet, ASP and other scripts or programs.

    Secure Printing
  • Secret Document ( Silent Print)
  • Secret Document 2 ( Preview & Print)
  • Print status

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