Silent Print and View TIFF from web browser

Silent print and view existing TIFF documents from web browser, standalone and Java/J2EE applications.
Print and View TIFF from InputStream, Database, byte[] or other source

Silent print and view dynamically generated TIFF from browser - e.g. InputStream, Database or TIFF byte[] content from other source which can not be referred as an URL directly from the browser. Instead they can be accessed through a server program (i.e. an URL) in order to access those kind of TIFFs.

This requires you to write a server program to dynamically generated the TIFF content and write it back to the browser. This still is no different than above two examples just because it is indeed an URL and an URL is all that the API needs.

Examples: Typical example may be that you have a FORM requires data to be feed to it and then generate a TIFF. Document content may be stored in a database which you can refer as an existing TIFF but you need a server program like this one to retrieve the content and wrtie back to browser. The same is true for every other cases when your document is NOT an already existing one.

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