SmartJReport (Java Report and Swing Printing API)


Generate report from Java and Swing components to Print, PDF, TIFF, PostScript and convert to images such as PNG, BMP, GIF, JPG/JPEG and more. SmartJReport has printer classes to Print, PDF and convert to other data formats very easily.

Report Generate from Java J2EE Applications


With the following classes report generate from your Java, J2EE server and client applications.


JavaReportModel The model for the report engine. Easy to use data model lets you push Text, Styled Text, Icons, Images, Swing component data such as JTable, JTextPane, JTextArea, JTextComponent and more.


JavaReportPrinter - Input ReportModel into this class to generate a report as a java.awt.print.Pageable document. Report document when generated it automatically formats the model data breaking into lines, and pages. Icons and images are either broken into multiple pieces or shrink fit to the page depending on the option you choose when generating the report document. Report generator also lets you print the model data to a printer or preview it in UI.


Report from Swing Components


From your Swing client (or server) applications generate report document (java.awt.print.Pageable) from any Swing components. Print, PDF, TIFF, PostScript, PNG, BMP, GIF, JPG/JPEG froms JTable, JTreeTable, TableModel, JTree, JTextField, JTextArea, JTextPane, JList, and any kind of javax.swing.Jcomponent. Following are the Swing printers and next to it is the list of Swing components supported by it.


JavaTablePrinter JTable, JTreeTable and TableModel.

JavaTreePrinter JTree

JavaListPrinter JList, JComboBox

JavaDocumentPrinter JTextField, JTextArea, JTextPane and any JTextComponent.

JavaComponentPrinter For any other kind of javax.swing.JComponent Swing component.


Microsoft Excel (MS XLS Document)


Report API supports generating a java.awt.print.Pageable report document from Microsoft Excel documents.

ExcelDocPrinter Microsoft excel spreadsheet printing, previewing and report generation.


Print and Preview


Report producer classes such as JavaReportPrinter, JavaTablePrinter, JavaTreePrinter, JavaDocumentPrinter, JavaComponentPrinter are all having print() and preview() methods for you to print the report it generates or lets you preview it in an UI.


Report Conversion


Report document (java.awt.print.Pageable) produced by the report classes mentioned here can be used for converting to other data formats such as PDF, RTF, TIFF and image formats such as PNG, GIF, JPG/JPEG, BMP. You can convert Pageable to a post script output file or get a java.awt.img.BufferedImage[].


PDF ConversionFactory.saveAsPdf() [Requires PDF generation jars in class path]

RTF ConversionFactory.saveAsRTF() [Requires RTF API jars in class path]

TIFF ConversionFactory.saveAsTIFF()

PNG ConversionFactory.saveAsPNG()

JPG/JPEG ConversionFactory.saveAsJPEG()

GIF ConversionFactory.saveAsGIF()

BMP ConversionFactory.saveAsBMP()

PostScript ConversionFactory.saveAsPostScript()

BufferedImage - java.awt.img.BufferedImage[] ConversionFactory.getImagesForPages()






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