XmlJGraph - XML metadata Graph API

  • 100% Pure Java for dynamically generating graphs using simple to type XML data format.
  • XML metadata graph has built-in viewer components for viewing as Applet, Flash and as AJAX.
  • All it requires is to type some XML metafile file and generate powerful visual presentation images or display user interactable graph on fly.
  • Smart jGraph supports generating a number of image formats such as PNG, GIF, JPEG, and BMP.
  • Also good news for those wants to generate some DOM data model (instead of XML metafile) and directly plug it into the Applet/Swing/Flash viewer components.


    Smart jGraph is a popular web based rich graph generation and viewing software written completely in Java. It is very rich looking, simple to create, easy to deploy and works in all platform.

    Does it require any other third-party software?


    Download WAR file

    Visit our website and download "xml jgraph for browser" WAR archive from "XmlJGraph" section.

    INSTALL WAR (Estimated time: 30 minutes)

    This WAR archive is a self sufficient web application archive ready to be deployed under any web container. If the download is saved as a different file name, no worry. Even though a WAR file can be of any name, rename the file to xml_jgraph_for_browser.war in a local folder.

    Here are some examples of how to deploy the WAR archive:

    Step-1: Install War
    These are not the only web servers to deploy. You can deploy it to any other web server of your choice. These are just examples.
    JBoss: Copy to installation/server/default/deploy directory.
    Tomcat: Copy it to the installation/webapps/ directory.
    BEA WebLogic/IBM WebSphere: Logon to admin console and choose to deploy an existing WAR file which will let you select this WAR file located in any folder.

    When web server deploy it will create a directory (called context path) that is the name of the WAR file (excluding the .war part).

    Step-2: Open the demo page

    Now run the demo start page (NOTE: replace PROTOCOL, HOST and PORT)

    Example: When deployed in a locally running Tomcat environment.
    http://localhost:8080/xml_jgraph_for_browser/ it load the demo_main.jsp page located under installation context directory name/demo/ location.

    Step-3: Try demo samples

    Start page has a lot of demo sample to run. Perhaps you will have to select from the drop down
    (i) a display format; e.g. Image (PNG, BMP, GIF, JPEG), Applet, Flash and AJAAX, and a
    (ii) sample metafile (plug-in to the viewer).

    About metadata URL

    In order to refer a metafile for the viewer (when XML file is used instead of a DOM model) one require to construct URL out of a file location. XML metafile can be location anywhere; local file system or in remote server accessible through protocols such as HTTP(S), FTP etc.

    Examples of typing a local file URL:

  • Window: file:///c:/xmljgraph/topology1.xml or file:/c:/xmljgraph/topology1.xml
  • Mac OS: file:Macintosh HD/xmljgraph/topology1.xml
  • Unix/Linux: file:///tmp/topology1.xml

    Examples of typing remote URL:

  • HTTP: http://www.activetree.com/xmljgraph/demo/data/topology1.xml
  • HTTPS: https://www.activetree.com/xmljgraph/demo/data/topology1.xml
  • FTP: ftp://www.activetree.com/xmljgraph/demo/data/topology1.xml

    Dynamic metadata URL

    Metadata XML model may be an static document existing somewhere or may be generated dynamically calling an web URL; i.e. a JSP/Servlet or other CGI programs.

    Parameters to the viewers

    XML metafile and a display choice are the two primary parameters to the viewers for its visual display.

    Viewing options

    Powerful graph layout and rich viewing feature can be easily achieved by simply choosing a display plug-in for the browser (or application). Almost all common image display formats such as PNG, GIF, JPEG, and BMP are supported. One can add user interaction with this graph by simply displaying in popular viewer such as Applets, Flash and AJAX viewer.


    An applet viewer is released.


    Flash viewer plug-in is not yet released.


    AJAX viewer is not yet released.

    How to develop

    Download the standalone sample archive that has Java examples and some scripts files to execute the samples. Looking at the Java source samples will help understanding how simple it is to create meta file or write DOC models and then plug that into a viewer for graph display or creating images.

    Contact Us

    Web: http://www.activetree.com
    Email: sales@activetree.com
    Tel: +1 408-791-8036 Fax: +1 408 716 8450